100 Days

DSC_0894After 73 days and a lot of breath wasted on telling me there was “nothing to do,” my youngest child went back to school today.

And while a little over 10 weeks doesn’t sound so long in theory, when you’re trying to maintain a freelance writing career as well as attempting to keep things lively over here on my blog, that’s a lot of time trying to set up 12yo play dates and lining up rides to the beach.

But his older siblings got out of school in mid-May – a full month earlier – so if we add those additional 30 days to the mix, it brings the total number of days I’ve been interrupted by people making smoothies at 11 a.m. or catching up on all 10 seasons of “Friends” for days on end to a little over 100.

“That’s a third of 2015,” I told my pal the Girl Whisperer as he held onto the giant rubber ball I was squatting on top of yesterday morning.

“I thought you were bad with math,” he said.

I stopped to turn around and look at him and told him, “I had to learn how to figure out percentages of things after I got divorced.”

Maybe I would have fared better at math in school had I more at stake than just a bad grade.

But I’m not in the clear just yet. I still have my college grad home a few days a week as he tries to figure out how to be a grown up. Or at least, start taking steps towards adulthood.

It’s not easy.

But if he tells me he’s bored and that there’s nothing to do, I just might snap.

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8 thoughts on “100 Days

  1. I so understand this. Even when your kids are older, they continually interrupt me to ask some innocuous question or just chat. I do miss them when they are gone though so it’s a Catch 22.

  2. Your college grad son should be learning how to be an adult by searching feverishly for a job! so he doesn’t have to live with you for ever! Have you thought about charging him a few dollars a week/month to “earn” his room & board? I did that with my son, and it worked wonders! BTW he’s now married, owns a condo in Hoboken and makes more money than I ever dreamed!

    • Paddy I am just about there. Am caught between being sympathetic and annoyed. Would love that he turned out as well as your son. Maybe the house will rub off on him?

  3. It occurred to me that school is not supposed to start until Tuesday. How come your “baby” went to school today? I thought Little Silver schools followed the lead of other schools. On the other hand, my baby in Portland, OR, started last week with her students coming in this past Monday She told me she has a 16 month old “student” in her Montessori classroom! Talk about being busy! This little girl is already walking, a pre-requisite for being in that class. Thank goodness she has a few “helpers”. My daughter LOVES her job!

    • Little Silver started Friday, which is unusual but given the lateness of Labor Day this year, it will help if there are any snow days this winter. So happy your daughter found what she loves and only hope the same for my guys. Love seeing your name here … 😉

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