It’s Not You, It’s Me

43527891Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve been feeling neglected by me lately, the headline of this post pretty much sums it all up: It’s totally not you.

It turns out, the buying and selling of homes is a time-consuming venture. Real estate is a real time suck. I honestly don’t know how The Donald does it.

Because for me, trying to get out of this house and into a new one has eaten up a lot of my valuable time. I mean, don’t get me wrong — a lot of the wasted moments have been entirely self-imposed. Sure, there’s lots of paperwork to dig up to get a mortgage and legal hoops to clear. But there’s also a lot of time that could be spent — well, writing — pinning things on Pinterest and daydreaming about where to put my couch. Frankly, I’ve got a crush on my new house and it’s like those good, early moments in a relationship when you can’t stop thinking about the other person minus all the texting. Not terrible.

I’ve been very superstitious throughout the process these last few months. I’ve been unusually close-mouthed, afraid to jinx the whole thing.

I think maybe that’s why I haven’t been posting much here. I think sometimes when there’s SO MUCH to write about, it’s usually somehow private and not ready for public consumption, like when one of my kids is being especially naughty or troubled. There’s so much to be said and yet not on the Interweb and more like on walks in the woods with girlfriends. You know?

I cannot wait to share more with you in the next month or two and fill you in on all the details.

Until then, there are a few things I can tell you, like MEMO TO MOMS WITH OLDER CHILDREN: You know how we are all like, “I wish my kids were young again?” Well, I am here to report that I’ve just spent some time with my 4yo nephew and his 3-week-old brother and while they are the cutest things on Earth and I would like to eat them up, they are a lot of work. It’s not all snuggling in bed for story time, they way I like to remember my own children’s childhood. In actuality, it’s a lot of trying to get them to eat fruits and vegetables, stop asking so many questions and go to bed when you say so. And stay there. So, the next time your teenager/20-something is driving you crazy and you start to wish they were still in preschool, just be happy they can wipe their own butts.


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8 thoughts on “It’s Not You, It’s Me

  1. Very good, Amy! I guess congratulations is in order! I look forward to your many new insights having just gone through this big change. I’m right behind you so I’ll take any advice i can get! Enjoy your new digs! xo 🙂

  2. Ok. So I am totally up for a walk in the woods to get to the “what is really going on!”. Thanks for this post! Little kids, little problems……..

  3. Amy, I missed your blogs. Have you sold the house on Rustic Terrace yet? Where will your new home be? You say you have a crush on your new house, fill me upon the details.Who will live in “our” house? I hope it’s someone who would love it as much as we did, personal problems aside. Hugs, Paddy

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