Things I Suddenly Care About

Things I Suddenly Care About:

  1. High school sports.
  2. Chrissy Teigen.
  3. Stretching.
  4. Habits (both the good and bad variety).
  5. Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach’s cello suites.
  6. Acceptance.
  7. Mascara.
  8. Poetry.
  9. My upper arms.
  10. The meaning of life.

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6 thoughts on “Things I Suddenly Care About

  1. Things I suddenly care about:
    1. reducing my use of plastic
    2. my raincoat is frumpy
    3. my jowls (I have jowls now)
    4. my eyebrows (previous overplucking haunts me)
    5. the whereabouts of the girls on my dorm’s freshman floor, 34 years hence
    5. everyday flatware
    6. the sorry appearance of my cookware
    7. the state of my foyer
    8. my health insurance deductible
    9. seeing the world
    10. Future Meg

    • Wait. Meg. Are we the same person? Honestly, eyebrows are total concern right now as is my sudden urge to refuse plastic bags at grocery stores and no longer buy plastic water bottles. And I just LOVE your #10, as I think about Future Amy a lot more now than I ever did. Thanks for sharing!! xo

      • I should probably restate “my eyebrows” as “everyone’s eyebrows”. This is the year I get them microbladed.

        I asked my son to bring back his gatorade bottle from his packed lunch today, so I could refill it with the gatorade I mixed from powder. He was like, I don’t know if I can remember. I said WELL TRY WE ARE REUSING PLASTIC NOW DAMMIT. It was a good morning. LOL

        • Abandoning plastic bottles, while noble, is a true pain in the ass. Now I just drink a lot of seltzer out of cans and just bigger plastic bottles. Impressed with your Gatorade powder usage. That’s commitment that your kids will never understand. 😉

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