The Basketball Diaries

DSC00210Oddly enough, basketball has gotten in the way of my blog this week.

No, I do not play basketball. I barely even understand the game, although I’ve had four kids play on travel teams and logged in quite a few hours sitting on bleachers over the years.

Someone tried to explain what “full-court press” meant during a game yesterday, and I think I’m finally wrapping my brain around that, um, maneuver. But I don’t think I’ll ever understand all that fouling. I’m never looking at the right place during play to figure that stuff out.

Currently, my 11-year-old son is playing on both a travel team and a rec team through our town and I’ve got about three games a week to pay attention to.

Not to mention all those practices.

Okay, it’s really not taking up that much of my time and I could probably squeeze my writing in really early in the morning, as is usually the case. If I could just get out of bed.

For whatever reason, that’s been the challenge, lately.

We did have one pretty late night this week, when I took my guys into the city to see the Knicks play the Heat and celebrate Dude Night 2.

I gave the boys the tickets for Christmas and unlike last year, when I tried to research the perfect game to go to and did a lot of Googling of team stats and asking guys I knew their opinion on the matter, this year I just looked for the date that worked for us and bought the tickets.

The boys opened the boxes the I had wrapped the printout of the tickets in with some new Knicks t-shirts, and my older guy was immediately like, “Wow!” when he saw they were “versing” the Heat (because “to vs.” somebody is a very real verb in my house).

“We gonna see LeBron!” he said, high-fiving his little brother and when he saw the confusion on my face, he asked, “Mom, do you know who that is?”

“Of course I’ve heard of LeBron James,” I said indignantly. “Who does he play for again?”

Since then, my older son has schooled me on a few things about the NBA and I came to terms with the fact that we were probably going to just watch LeBron wipe up the Knicks at the game Thursday night, and we were all okay with that.

We ate hamburgers at some pretty sketchy pub on 7th Avenue and walked over to MSG to claim our seats that I paid a million dollars for on StubHub, high above all the fancy people like Katie Holmes, Michael J. Fox and David Duchovney sitting courtside (I only know they were there because the celebs were featured throughout the game on the big video hanging over the court).

So we were amazed and thrilled when the Knicks not only kept up with the Heat throughout the game but pulled ahead in the fourth quarter and won.

It put us all in a great mood for the hour drive home to New Jersey.

We even added the win to our Big Bucket of Memories we started for 2014. On a yellow slip of paper, my little guy wrote: Mom, Max and I saw/went to our first Knicks game win! Agains the HEAT!

I can’t wait to remember that one in December.

In the meantime, we’ve got another basketball game today, this time about a half hour from home, that should eat up much of my beloved Sunday and while there will be no LeBron or Carmelo Anthony on the court, it’s always fun to watch my little guy play.

When I wasn’t watching or driving to basketball games this week, I did manage to pen an ode to my new favorite wardrobe staple.


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I was also excited to have a post featured on BlogHer this week, especially since I was really pleased with how it turned out.

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