In Which I Am a Boss Ass Bitch

Me reading "Boss Ass Bitch" as part of the North Jersey 2015 Listen to Your Mother show on May 9.

Me reading “Boss Ass Bitch” as part of the North Jersey 2015 Listen to Your Mother show on May 9.

This winter, I wrote a story about jumping off a cliff and getting a divorce, with a little emoji on the side, and got to read it live on stage in front of an audience who paid money to watch.

It was called Listen to Your Mother and our North Jersey show was one of 39 productions held all over the country Mother’s Day weekend.

I was one of 13 women who told stories that were sad and funny, poignant and bittersweet takes on motherhood, from post partum depression to adoption to one mom’s confession that she loves when her kids leave for summer camp.

The experience rocked on a zillion levels. I got to mix with strong women who shared little bits of their souls by telling their powerful stories. I felt so loved and supported by all the friends and family who made the trek to watch me tell my own story that day. And I am super proud of that story. I worked hard on it and loved the final product, which may or may not be because I called it “Boss Ass Bitch.”

The national LTYM just released the videos from all of the 2015 shows and it’s been fun to relive the experience and everyone’s stories. I am so honored my story was chosen and to have shared a stage with our insanely talented cast and encourage you to watch each and every one of their stories. I dare you not to be blown away.

Postscript: I learned after I wrote the story and was picked for LTYM that “Boss Ass Bitch” was a Nicki Minaj song.

“Awesome,” I told my 18yo — who had also penned the Valentine’s Day card that inspired my story — “it can be, like, my theme song.”

I then started imagining myself walking out on stage while Nicki sang something about what badasses we were. I would be like Rihanna or, oh just imagine, Beyonce.

I was going to be Beyonce.

“Um,” my daughter said, placing her computer on my lap and inching towards the door, “maybe not.”

She pressed play and closed the door.

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