Come Join: ‘Moms Out Loud’ Oct. 23


A Night for the Lunch Maker, the Booboo Healer, the Algebra Tutor …

Join Amy Byrnes of “A” My Name is Amy and Teicia Gaupp of JerseyMomsBlog & Cristie Ritz King of JerseyMomsBlog and Reinvention Girl

October 23rd @7pm

River Road Books, 759 River Rd., Fair Haven, NJ

Tickets: $10 (includes wine and light snacks) Prepaid reservations required due to limited space. Save your spot by calling 732-747-9455 or email

Popular local bloggers, Byrnes, Gaupp and Ritz King take a hammer to the motherhood myths we ditch in favor of sanity and survival. These women know what it’s like to raise a tribe in Monmouth County and deliver tales of their experience with a joyful and witty poignancy to which we can all relate.


Credit: Nicole Martin Photography

Credit: Nicole Martin Photography

Amy is an unemployed single mother of four who spends a lot of time hoping more things will go wrong in her life so she can write about them. She’s afraid of tunafish, math and teenagers (not necessarily in that order) but hearts zombies. When not making sandwiches or wiping the kitchen counter, Amy listens to public radio and thinks a lot about her hair and writing a book some day. She writes about all that and more on her blog ‘A’ My Name is Amy. Her work has appeared on Scary Mommy, Blogher and Single Mom Nation and she is a contributor to Jersey Moms Blog. Her essay about sending her son off to college will appear in an upcoming issue of Family Circle magazine.

~”A” My Name is Amy~



unnamed-2JerseyMomsBlog is a collaborative, multi-author blog based in New Jersey with a simple mission for “inspiration at every exit.”

Teicia Gaupp and Cristie Ritz King host many writers and media professionals who are NJ parents, and run their own active blog and social communities.  They engage their audience of New Jersey Mothers with recurring editorials, awareness features and giveaway promotions relevant to their lifestyle.  As JerseyMomsMEDIA, they create social partnerships and campaigns through Bloggers who work with them as Key Influencers, helping to amplify real experiences around businesses.  Recent projects include Family Ambassador programs with Jenkinson’s Boardwalk and Liberty Science Center, and a teen driving safety program with Toyota.

Cristie’s experience in Education and Health Coaching and Teicia’s in Media and Marketing have meshed well in cultivating this community.

Also, they’re Jersey Moms.  So you know they have a lot to say.