They’re the days that I look forward to. The ones that make slogging through the other 360 kind of worth it. And today was one of them.

  1. My Birthday: Even though I am now closer to 50 than 45 and some people I know are shocked by my alleged ability to reproduce, I still totally love my birthday. I love the attention, that my kids are generally on their best behavior and that presents are involved. I am all about the swag.
  2. Christmas Day: I grumble throughout the season, complaining about the decorating, the holiday cards, the cost of the whole shebang. But on Christmas morning I wake up as excited as I did when I was a kid although now I love watching the kids open all the gifts I spent so much time shopping for and picking out and wrapping. I don’t even care any more about what I get, which is good because I think last year or the year before I got garbage pails. Legit. Two new garbage pails with bows. But I needed them and they were bought with an incredible amount of love and I think of that every time I drop a big bag of cat poop into one.
  3. December 26: It’s the one day of the year I don’t feel guilty about sitting in my pajamas all day and doing nothing. I am also all about doing nothing. Okay, maybe I eat a lot of stuff like this.
  4. Thanksgiving: I am obsessed with the parade and get goosebumps every time Al Roker cuts the ribbon at the start. Cheesy, I know. But the best part of the day is working for hours with my daughters as we peel the potatoes, slice the apples and wrestle the giant turkey into the pan. We are an amazing team. The second best part? Leftovers.
  5. The Day My Pool is Closed for the Season: Really, the reason for this whole post. It happened this morning, when a pool guy named Steve showed up with a handful of ninjas and had the sucker shut down and covered in about an hour. I love looking out the window every chance I get and seeing the big green cover stretched across the gaping money hole called a pool. “Didn’t you enjoy it this year?” asked The Girl Whisperer as I was celebrating the closing between push ups and I did have to pause and remember some of the good times we had in the thing this summer. The times we all sat in the hot tub and sipped wine and a certain night not too long ago when the girls and I stripped off our clothes and jumped into the deep end and screamed at how cold the water felt on our bare skin. And then how the girls screamed when I got out to jump in again. The horror.
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