Friday Faves: Two River Edition


Here’s the thing about me: when I like something, I generally tend to really like it. Whether you’re the person who colors my hair, a turkey and avocado sandwich or my boyfriend, chances are I’m going to try to keep you around. I mean, I’ve been going to the same hair lady for almost 20 years and come to think of it, was married around that long, too. I’m pretty loyal and monogamous. And that sandwich? Man, I ate that thing for lunch every day for years. I mean, not the same one but you get what I mean.

The downside of this dedication to things I really like is that there’s often not a lot of fluctuation in the types of goods and services I seek out. I usually just go for the same old things. But recently, it has come to my attention that I have been branching out a bit. In some instances, new needs emerged in my life and in others, I took a chance on something new (WHAT?) and the result was kind of great. Go ahead, live a little. See what I’m talking about.

  • I take my hair very seriously. Sometimes more seriously than what’s inside my actual head. As mentioned, I already have the pesky coloring part down and even though the race to keep all my gray hair covered is a never-ending one, I look forward to my every five or six week trek to have Lorraine wave her magic wand and make it all better. I am committed to her and hope she realizes that I won’t ever let her retire until I’m ready to give up this whole charade and allow my hair to turn the silvery-gray god would really like it to be. But getting my hair cut has been trickier. I don’t like to plan cuts too far in advance, which rules out some hairstylists I have liked. And I haven’t really had a haircut that I’ve LOVED in a long time. Until now. I was part of a blogger crawl and admired the hair of one of the fabulous women in our group. She sent me to Yanni Erbeli Salon in Red Bank and I couldn’t be more thrilled. First of all, Yanni is a nice and chatty guy. That’s an important quality for me in the people I need to provide me my various services. I really need to like you. Well, then you have to be good at what you do, too. And Yanni is amazing. I told him what I wanted and he totally listened and gave me just that. He didn’t just do whatever he wanted. And, here’s the magical part, somehow he’s cut it so that I just wash it and spray some product on it and it dries into a cute, wavy, summery bob. Good-bye blow dryer. Now if only he could help me get out of other annoying tasks that fill up my day, like making dinner for my children.
  • I’d been trying to meet up with a girlfriend for breakfast and she asked if I tried the new Seed to Sprout that opened in Fair Haven. We set a date to meet there two days later and then I turned to another pal who was working alongside me on her laptop (we’d run away from our children to get work done at our town’s library) and asked her if she wanted to go check it out for lunch. Reader, I’ve gone every day since and I am not like some super-healthy-vegan-organic-crunchy-chewy person. I just like food that tastes really good. I’ve even started studying the menu online. I tried the various bowls for lunch — like, I never knew kale could be so good — and had some magical avocado sandwich yesterday for breakfast. And, the portions are so big I ended up bringing half of my meal home to eat later (much to my children’s chagrin). Maybe I’ll see you there because obviously I’m heading back again today.
  • There comes a time in every girl’s life when she needs to start thinking about money. And not in the what-can-I-buy-at-Target kind of way but more like the how-shall-I-pay-the-bills way. The stinky way, in other words. If you find yourself in need of someone to help you sort it all out — what’s coming in and what’s going out and what, if anything, is left over — do I have the wizard for you. She’s Liz Gearon at Ship Shape Financial and she while she may make you come to Jesus a little — oh, it can be a reckoning — Liz is kind, supportive and not the least bit judgemental. She didn’t even make me feel bad about all that money I spend on my hair. Oh, and you don’t even have to be a girl to use her services. Boys, apparently, use her, too. She’s also a QuickBooks guru and assists small to medium businesses with financial statements, budgets, cash projections and general ledger analysis. In other words, she does things I barely understand. You can email her at as the first step to putting your financial house in order. Just like me.
  • There may also come a time in a girl’s life when her cat of five years begins to freak the fuck out. For no reason. When the animal whom was rescued from the wilds of suburban New Jersey and drinks from a water bowl that reads “Princess,” begins urinating daily on your couch. When it gets to the point that it starts to seem normal that all the upholstered furniture in your house is covered in plastic drop cloths you bought at Home Depot, like your house is one big Dexter-style kill room, you need to call in The Contented Cat. Sally came to our house and cooed at our naughty kitty and came up with a game plan for directing her urine into the proper receptacle and — in what now seems like no time — our girl was back on track. Sally is truly a cat whisperer and provides all sorts of other services like reiki and adoption counseling. Along the way, I also learned a lot about the care and keeping of kitty cats, something I never really knew anything about, and found a friend in our cat lady as well.

Wishing you all enough money to afford fabulous haircuts, big bowls of kale and cats who don’t pee on your couch. Happy Friday!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Two River Edition

  1. Thank you for your amazingly kind words. I am blessed to do what I love and meet such special kitties and their humans. Kitty Cat has a wonderful home, caring family and is now a truly Contented Cat.
    hugs and purrs,

  2. Really good post, Amy! I love Liz Gearon and can’t wait to try the new Seed and Sprout having been to the one in Belmar (?) last year. Loving your writing! xo 🙂

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