Can you feel it?

Can you feel it?

I have a thing about people who don’t ask me questions. Like, I have a hard time wanting to be friends with someone who only talks about himself. Someone who doesn’t seem genuinely interested in me and maybe what I have to say on various topics. I have known people who drone on and on about themselves and at the end of the conversation throw in an obligatory, “How are you?”

That just doesn’t cut it.

Don’t get me wrong. I often worry that I exhibit narcissistic tendencies of my own and try to keep my ego in check. I mean, I generally feel an overwhelming sense of self-loathing — like most people — but it’s often balanced by delusional thinking that I’m kinda nifty, too.

Maybe that’s just the right balance for getting through this life, I don’t know.

So I was excited a while back to be nominated for something called the Liebster Awards. It’s pretty much a nice way for us small-time bloggers to show other bloggers love and bring much-appreciated attention to our sites.

But the best part is that it requires bloggers to answer a bunch of questions about themselves and as previously noted, I am all about that.

Funny enough, that post has been one of the most visited on this site (thank you, Google). And actually, it’s one of my favorites posts as well.

It turns out that Carrie, over at It’s Droolworthy, recently called me out to answer Liebster questions. I am duly honored and am pointing you all in the direction of my original post and to take special note of questions #3 and #5. They’re my faves.

Another requirement for the Liebster is to nominate another blogger or two to answer questions and I’d like to tap Jen at Total Randomness and Kristen and Amy at Hardly Getting By.

Thanks to Carrie at It’s Droolworthy for asking me questions and everyone, please, remember to not only check out all these great bloggers but to always be the heroines (okay, heroes for all you dudes) of your own lives.

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4 thoughts on “Feel the Love

  1. Just read your answer to the #3 Liebster question. We went to Greece this past October for our 20th Anniversary and my 50th. This will now be my stock answer on how to describe that trip. Thanks.

  2. THANK YOU! I’m over the moon and working on my post. Funny how I’m really having to contemplate some of these questions. I hope I don’t let you down 🙂

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