And So It Goes

tumblr_m7di7b27fc1rpjvnkThis is a funny story:

I was sitting at my kitchen island one night last week watching Jeopardy and eating dinner with my 21-year-old son when a commercial came on for the new Diane Keaton movie called “And So It Goes.”

Son (putting down pizza bagel, annoyed): What is with this woman?

Me (looking up from salad): Who? Diane Keaton? I love her. She’s, like, who I want to be. (“Something’s Gotta Give” happens to be my all-time favorite movie because who doesn’t want to live in that beach house and write a successful musical that throws the guy that broke your heart under the bus while getting it on with a much-younger fellow with a trip to Paris on the side?)

Son (picking bagel back up): She’s so annoying. She’s always playing some woman who finds love late in life.

Son (stopping mid-bite to look at me): Wait a minute.


5 thoughts on “And So It Goes

  1. This made my laugh! He cannot be 21! Love to read your posts, Amy. My best to all of those cute kids!

  2. that is one of my all time favorites too – as well as the scene you posted… Right up there with “It’s Complicated”

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