Amy’s Week in Review: Nov. 25-Dec. 1

photo(43)Usually, I try to be clever here.

On Sundays, I like to come up with a little song-and-dance routine to tempt you to keep reading and maybe help you discover something you might have missed last week. Some little gem that escaped you as you scrolled through all the Black Friday e-mails and updates from Twitter.

But I’m too tired for that today.

I just said good-bye to my two college kids, who drove off on their eight-hour trek south back to school.

It was an emotionally draining week, having everyone home and truly feeling the weight of being the parent to four children.

It’s exhausting.

And while I might not have cooked as many meals as they would have liked and didn’t greet them with our larders overflowing with Tostitos and Oreos, just having them all back and under my roof reminded me of the incredible responsibility I undertook when I went and had all those kids.

And I don’t mean to put this on them. We had a perfectly nice week together, for the most part. My big girl and I shopped for our Christmas candles and my son, well, I think we had a nice conversation or two.

It’s just that having one kid – much less four – is a tremendous responsibility and it turns out, there is no expiration date on worry.

After years of asking if other parents were going to be home and monitoring curfews, when your kids go off to college it truly is out of sight, out of mind.

You don’t go to bed wondering where they are and what they are doing. You just assume all is well in College Land.

But when they are back under your roof, you tend to worry more. And not just about their late-night activities.

You worry whether they picked the right majors, are studying hard enough, are getting along with their roommates and if you somehow could have done a better job teaching them everything they needed to know to get along in this world.

You worry that you weren’t everything they needed you to be.

But then you make them some pancakes and hand them some water bottles and they drive off and take some of that worry and a big piece of your heart with them.

And you go back to bed.

While I’m resting, here’s some stuff I considered this week to keep you busy until I can start thinking again.




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10 thoughts on “Amy’s Week in Review: Nov. 25-Dec. 1

  1. I wanted to let you know I throughly enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it. You could even count me as a fan. It is a gift to be able to express in words, moments in everyday life that are poignant, funny and pierces the heart.

  2. I enjoy your blog. I am a divorced father of 4, and must disagree with your sentiments this time. I also have 2 in college, 2 not yet there and it was fantastic having them around all this long weekend, time goes by so fast, it brought back all the memories of being a real full family, if only for 4 days! We must appreciate these times, not many left.

    • “F” … so glad you’re following along. Don’t get me wrong — I loved having the kids home. It’s just that having them all back under one roof for a week brought my latent worries to the surface. I just felt the full weight of being their mom when they walked through the door last Friday. Glad you enjoyed your time with your guys 🙂

  3. Exhausting is right. Then when they start having kids of their own you really begin to worry that you messed up. Kids bring the highest highs and lowest lows, so I’m on a perpetual swing among the 6 of them. Add sons’ spouses and I’m totally schizo. Christmas here I come. My wine glass is right here.

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