Harbinger of things to come discovered four years ago behind the cute little hedge of mini boxwoods along my front path.

Harbinger of things to come discovered four years ago behind the cute little hedge of mini boxwoods along my front path.

A few weeks ago I attended a big blogging conference in New York and was excited to meet the ladies behind Grown and Flown face to face. Their site focuses on parenting issues for those of us with kiddos in the 15 to 25 age range. In other words, parents who thought — all those years ago when we had babies and toddlers and didn’t know any better — that our parenting responsibilities would be lightening up by this point. Things would start to be slowing down as the kids got older, we thought.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

But I think the Grown and Flown tagline really nails it: Parenting never ends. I didn’t understand that all those years ago.

Grown and Flown hits all my sweet spots as a mom, writer and blogger, and that’s before you add in the fact that the ladies have been interviewed by both Katie and Savannah. They’ve got it going on.

As we walked around checking out the goodies at the Blogher expo (I did fondle and whisper sweet nothings to a Wolf oven that would be perfect on my countertop), I mentioned to Mary Dell and Lisa it was the first time I’d ever left my kids home alone for the weekend.

“You should write about that for us!” said Lisa, snapping me out of my Wolf reverie. “You could call it ‘Home Alone.'”

And so I did.

Read about how I found the courage to abandon my ship for three nights and to return home to find nary an errant ping-pong ball or beer bong (but did discover some mighty clean bathrooms), which is featured on Grown and Flown today.

The site is also chock-o-block full of very timely musings on sending kids off to college and things you definitely shouldand should not be — packing to outfit their dorm rooms. Good stuff.

As for me, I’m thinking about changing the name of my site to “Grown and Hasn’t Flown.” Maybe that’s what I’ll write about for them next.

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One thought on “Abandon Ship! Leaving Your Kids Home Alone for the Weekend

  1. I can relate to you’re story quite well, I have four grown children, and am the grandparent to four amazing grandchildren. But the glossy stuff always looks great, the other stuff that goes on is often sublime, and sometimes painful turns in what seems like perfect and normal. I am also into the writing arts, please keep me posted.

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